Kandinsky, Works from 1906 to 1929. Paris, Editions Cahiers d'Art, 1930.
In-4 (285 x 233 mm), paperback. First edition of the study of Will Grohmann on Vassily Kandinsky, with 74 "planches" of reproductions, 29 pages of text illustrated with several drawings, 58 plates of collotype. Illustrated with a woodcut in color of Vassily KANDINSKY
Limited edition of 610 numbered copies; One of the 24 copies on Arches paper with signed engraving. Size of the engraving 28 x 22.9 cm. Etching from an edition of 40 copies signed and numbered. Sixth book of the collection "The Great Painters of Today". Binding signed by Devauchelle.
Very good copy.
Ref .: Roethel, 194.



Kandinsky, Works from 1906 to 1929. Cahiers d'Art, 1930. With the etching.